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I’d like to personally extend a warm welcome to the building server’s new forum and website; which is powered by Lobsters, a Rails-five codebase originally designed for the esoteric link-aggregation community of the same name. It’s also being ran on the same droplet powering our in-game server.

The forum, powered under Rails, naturally uses a SQL database to store information; and has a MySQL backend. Many features under the hood of our new forum is differential, in comparison to another server’s communication service (per se [without pointing fingers]: ProBoards).

Making posts and stories: ‘Stories’ use the popular concept of threads to track [and filter] discussions; and similar to threads, users can create their own stories. Stories, using the element of link-aggregation, can be based around links; or instead, have no text at all–and merely share the link.

If you’re composing a story, you will readily have access to the universal submission guidelines; which may help you with what to write. Markdown formatting is available, and follows the transitional concept of ‘markdown’ on the Internet (if you’ve used Discord markdown, this should be easy).

Tags are still present; but rather than containing specific permissions, they help categorise stories.

Identifying staff: ‘Hats’ are similar to ranks, in the sense that they act as an identifier for someone’s position; but instead of ranks, they do not dictate positions.

Anyone can request for a hat to be appended to their account, and administrators can request for a hat with their corresponding position (Senior Admin, Executive, et cetera).

Forum moderators and forum administrators (referred by the forum as merely ‘moderators’ and ‘administrators’) will have the capability of managing the community. Executives will be naturally designated as moderators, while I will [currently] act as the sole administrator.

Private messages: Members can track and manage their private messages with the top-right ‘messages’ button; if you’re not logged in, you can easily make an account and have all of the [applicable] benefits mentioned above. Also with the possibility to be managed, are replies (shown to the left of ‘messages’).

I hope you guys enjoy the new environment, and any contributions (including bug reports, community-specific commits to the codebase, and other elements of progression) may either be notated on the forum–with the proper tag[s]–or at #dev-chat, guild.


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      What software is this? I’ve never seen it before, nor do I have any idea how the hell to use it lol