The server and other platforms are chock full of cutting-edge features.
While there's far too many to list them all, here's a few that might be of interest.

Online interface

Built with Jekyll (and powered by GitHub), our website and corresponding pages are designed for straightforward access.

Simple and consistent

Our services are built with identical design principals from the ground up, aiming at an ideal environment.

We look towards improving the general usage of these platforms.

Cross-platform support

Most of our services have been developed with support for mobile devices (and other platforms) in mind.

For in-game, members have browser-bound services, like Dynmap and Telnet.

Foremost security

No matter what you're doing, all of our services utilise end-to-end security and are up to the latest (transparent) specifications in web encryption publicly available.

All account-based programmes take advantage of features like two-factor authentication and monitoring.

In-game server

The server is what we're built around, and is where the magic happens. Our server is the centre of all architectural operations.

Lightning fast

With dedicated hosting, near-perfect response times and almost-static uptime become apparent.

If server lag becomes an issue, administrators are given the tools to effectively handle it.

Periodic backups

Your stuff is safe, as routine backups are taken of the server, ready for restoration in case of an emergency.

Members can also download schematics and other important information using a web interface.

Coming soon

Bedrock bridge

Soon, members using the Bedrock platform will be able to join our server and play online, just like Java Edition.

This (upcoming) capability will provide even further cross-platform and mobile support.

Block logging

Our server uses the CoreProtect extension to globally prevent builds from being griefed or damaged.

Administrators are capable of 'rolling back' and restoring any block-made content that has been logged.


All server plugins (and other programmes) are publicly developed and maintained through GitHub.

Anyone can fork our projects, modification is covered by the license.


We take pride in encouraging a fine-tuned and energetic community; for both administrators and basic members. We're inclusive, too.

Community forum

Our forum is a place where anyone can discuss service-related topics, and receive feedback.

It's powered by Flarum. Members can also receive support and docs.

Visit the forum

Real-time chat

We run a public Discord server for members (and administrators) to perform live text and voice chatting.

Anyone can join the 'guild' using a public invitation (below).

Join the guild