d. Support

If you’re in need of support, we provide several resources for getting help. Before considering any of these options we recommend you try troubleshooting the issue.

Contact us

Maybe you need a hand, and in that case, we can help you out. Our community has multiple layers of direct support if you’re stumped on something.

Before you ask

Different portions of our team are primarily knowledgable in different subjects. We get a lot of questions, so here’s what (we think) you should consider before contacting us:

  • Ensure that you have searched our docs, forum, and guild; it could’ve already been mentioned.
  • If it’s a technical issue and you know how to fix it, make a suggestion instead.
  • Attempt to consult community tutorials or (if service-unrelated) external sources.

If none of these seem to work, we’re here for you. As mentioned previously, there are a few options at your arsenal to summon support.

Platform support

To receive support from the forum, all you need to do is make sure that you have a forum account—then ask a question on the forum paired with the support tag (paired with a sub-tag).

For guild-sourced support, you can get help through our guild’s #developer-chat. It’s also possible to directly message an Executive using Discord if you prefer talking privately.

Tip: A list of our administrator’s (and Executive’s) contact information can be found here—the list of admins. Alternatively, just ask them.

Direct support

If you need the best of the best, we have official channels for Executive support. When given the right information, our Executives can modify accounts and make changes to our resources.

If you need to contact the server owner; their Discord (@irix#5973) will oblige, or e-mail.

  • ✉️ - The owner’s personal e-mail address.

Please don’t use in-game messaging (/msg or /whisper) to send confidential content.

Website and forum

Issues with the homepage, documentation page, or forum can get complicated. It’s important to provide as much information as possible when you’re reporting something.

Browser support

Pages and discussions are loaded on several different platforms so we need to provide support for several browsers. We recommend Chrome but you can also use Firefox or Opera.

Note: Older versions of Chrome and some other browsers may not support the protocols used by our services. To ensure compliance, we recommend using the latest version of your browser.

It’s up to you, but keep in mind that we don’t provide support for Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. When it comes to ad-blocking, it’s completely optional since we never use advertisements.


To assure quality and consistency, we have some guidelines for the usage of our content. These branding rules can help members make their own contributions and allow others to incorporate the design into their service.

Our vector logo is an octicon, making it one of many free and open-source images. The red flame shouldn’t be warped, disfigured, or recoloured when used in association with our server and forum. We have a press kit you can download for a sample of this content.

Usually, we use the red flame to represent both our name and brand. The flame is almost always used in our specific red, #c0392b (hsl: 5,63,46 and rgb: 192,57,43). You can use black, grey, or white if the logo can’t be displayed in red.

Page colours

We have a specific palette of colours to use on our website and forum. Having a theme helps to keep everything clean around here.

For highlights, we will use the same type of red but dark blues use #3c5675 (hsl: 212,32,34 and rgb: 60,86,117) while light blues use #88a6c5 (hsl: 210,34,65 and rgb: 136,166,197) instead. Black text isn’t entirely black either, it’s actually #444444 (hsl: 0,0,26 and rgb: 68,68,68).


There are many ways to contribute to the server; including architecture, development, and innovation. Contributing is a great way to assist not just the server, but our community as a whole.

In-game suggestions

A suggestion is a feature or change you’d like to see implemented. As an alternative to contacting support (or an admin), members may file suggestions in-game.

  • /suggest <text> - Sends a message (hopefully a suggestion) to the server owner.

This is a very basic messaging system; if you have an intricate suggestion, we recommend you file it, as shown below.

Reporting and filing

To get started, you can create a discussion on our forum. If your discussion is about an issue, please use the development tag paired with a sub-tag (server, forum, or resource pack). If it’s about a suggestion, use the suggestions tag instead.

Note: Since this is a fairly democratic process, we need some replies before closing the discussion—this may take a while. Patience is key.

After your post is voted on by our administrator team, a verdict can be reached by an Executive or above. Here’s some tips for constructing a good post with all the facts:

  • Maintain originality and prevent identical discussions.
  • Give a clear description of the problem or what you want to suggest.
  • Be descriptive; if it’s a problem, make sure it can be reproduced.


Although our server is a non-profit organisation, donating to the server helps our community thrive and pays the bills. Receiving (optional) donations helps soften the financial difficulty of keeping our community operational.

Members can donate any amount they want (no matter how small) and pay using an account or with a credit card. You can donate to us through the PayPal service here.

After donating

Donations are processed manually and it usually takes us a few hours to check them. If you haven’t received your role yet, contact the server owner with your transaction ID (from an account or confirmation message) and we’ll get you fixed up.