1a. Introduction

We’re a modern creative server for Minecraft. We give members every command they need to powerfully build and enjoy our server without meeting any requirements.


We aim to provide the best experience for every member on our server. This means adding useful features and big changes depending on what they want in a server. Several extensions are installed, from essential commands like WorldEdit to customisation interfaces.

  • Quick and easy. Members can come onto the server and build whenever they want. We don’t have any time restrictions and there isn’t any application required to start helping our community.

  • Do anything you want. Our server has the least possible amount of rules to give our members a feeling of freedom. There are no restrictions to what you can build, we just ask that your builds mind other people. We respect privacy, so members are allowed to build as close or as far away from the starting point as they want.

  • Efficient administration. Rule breakers can be easily tracked thanks to our administration team, which is given powerful tools that allow it to enforce rules on our server. Any grief caused by members can be easily fixed, we have a reliable logging system. Administrators can even control the server when they aren’t playing the game with panels like telnet.

  • Free and open. You don’t need building expertise or any skills to join. Our server is public to all and so is our online community, the Shadow.GA forum. We even allow you to chat with other server members on the go with our Discord server.

How to join

Joining the server is easy. You can connect to our server by typing or pasting the domain “” into your direct connect box. You may also add the server to your multiplayer list. No port is required to connect, but if you need one you can use 25599.


If you’re having trouble with something, we’re here for you. Ask a question on the forums paired with the ‘support’ tag and an administrator will assist you as soon as possible.